Flagstaff Slots Warranties


Flagstaff Slots gives a 1 year limited warranty on all refurbished slot machines and 90 Days on Monitors and LCD.Warranty is not transferable if machine is sold or given to other person.Unless company approves it. Our limited warranty includes, repair, parts, & life time telephone tech support. Light bulbs aren't covered under warranty..Slot machines are designed to stay on at all times just like the one's in casinos.They have a battery backup to hold and maintain the memory of the game (CREDITS AND PROGRAMMING).If you shut your machine down and unplug it with credits on the game it will drain the battery within days.These batteries are not rechargeable.The life of the battery to maintain the memory of the games is 5 years.There is no warranty on batteries in the games.Boards are tested before they leave the company.You will be responsible for the cost of the battery,labor and shipping to and from our company for battery replacement.Batteries are not covered under our warranties.

Exceptions to coverage:

Games or gaming parts found to be defective must be shipped back to us at the

customers expense for any warranty work to be performed. All warranty work is done at our location and parts and labor is covered by our company unless equipment is damaged as a result of abuse, intentional misuse, incorrect installation, alterations, or any acts of nature such as fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, extreme temperatures, or anything that is out of our control.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs and/or related of all games or gaming parts.

Customer is responsible for pickup and delivery of their own games.

 This includes proper handling & packaging of the game necessary for shipping.

Delivery and charges furnished by

Carrier of your choice. 

We cannot be held responsible for any damage due to reinstallation and/or use.